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The Village Pharmacy dispenses all pharmacy schemes including medical card prescriptions, Drug Payment Scheme, Long Time Illness, High Tech and EU Prescriptions.

Blister Packing

The Village Pharmacy offers blister packing. This service is for those taking several different medications to ensure that they take the correct medication at the right time. We can make it simple and easy to take your medications at the right time by dividing your tablets into separately sectioned blisters each marked with the time of day when the tablets should be taken. This helps to identify if any doses have been missed both for you and for someone who may be helping to care for you.

Delivery Service

The Village Pharmacy offers a medication delivery service for patients. This is to facilitate those who are housebound or unable to visit the pharmacy. We will ensure that any emergency medication requirement is addressed as soon as possible.

Hampers & Gift Wrapping

The Village Pharmacy can prepare gift Hampers on request. We also offer gift wrapping to customers when they buy one of our many gifts in the pharmacy, especially for those special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and Valentines Day

Other Services

  • Emergency Contraception Service
  • Passport photographs

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